Intoduction to the Mass Drawing & Painting course

“Mass Drawing is the foundation of my whole approach to drawing and painting. I was introduced to the exercises and techniques you will learn on this course over a decade ago. The more familiar I’ve become with them the more I realize how valuable they are. They are probably the single most important thing I know about painting!” – Alex Tzavaras

Mass Drawing is a method developed in the 19th Century that is essential for working with oil paint directly onto your canvas using the wet-on-wet or “Alla Prima” technique.

It involves simplifying a subject into large abstract forms, which can be drawn more easily with a fluid medium such as paint, before rendering outlines and details the way we would with a pencil.

The Mass Drawing Course at our South London art studio uses straightforward, step by step exercises which clearly explain how this system works and how to use it to progress from drawing in line to creating powerful alla prima oil paintings.

Working from still life and antique plaster casts, students taking part in this London-based figurative art course will learn:

  • How oil paint works and how to use it correctly
  • A straightforward system of comparative measurement to draw with accurate proportion
  • A way of seeing that simplifies complicated appearances into large easy to manage shapes
  • How light and dark tonal “values” are used to create 3D forms
  • To understand edges and their importance for creating lifelike images
  • Composition and the basics of design
  • Practical information about canvas, paint,  brushes and other materials.

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